Privacy Policy



                                                             This Privacy Policy covers our treatment of information gathered when you are using or accessing the Services. We are committed to providing you with professional and high-quality introductions and are therefore committed to protecting your privacy. 

  • 1: The application contains social functions, like chats, with the objective users can share information.
  • 2: Consequently, the application can ask the user to enter personal data such as pictures or birthday. 
  • 3: The application collects the user's position. 
  • 4: These personal data are displayed to other users of the app. These data aren't shared with any other entity or third organizations.
  • 5: Users can delete their personal data and account using the link for that purpose that exists in the user profile options in the app. 
  • 6: It's prohibited to publish content for adults only, like images with sexual content or images of extreme violence. The information you fill in about yourself on your profile will be displayed on your profile page. We may remove any inappropriate image, language or words and phrases that don’t contain any information or make sense in the interests of other members. 
  • 7: We allow third-party companies to serve ads and collect certain anonymous information when you visit our app. These companies may use anonymous information such as your Google Advertising ID, your device type and version, browsing activity, location and other technical data relating to your device, in order to provide advertisements. 
  • 8: If you do not accept this Privacy Policy or do not accept our Terms of use, then we kindly ask you not to use our app. We ask that persons under the age of 18 do not submit information to us. The application does not knowingly collect information from children under 18 years of age. It shall be the responsibility of any parent or guardian to ascertain that children under their guardianship do not misuse any mobile phone or electronic device in order to try to gain access or in any way make use of our application or serviceSafeguarding the privacy of your personal data is of utmost importance to us and henceforth, all necessary technical and organizational measures will be taken in securing that your personal data is stored safely.



Agreement and terms of use 

A user posting information independently represents and protects its interests arising in connection with the placement of the specified information, in relations with third parties.

The following describes the rights and responsibilities of users and the administration and describes the rules for user generated content.


2. Content

  • Our Dating applications and websites are designed for your entertainment. We are not responsible for any decisions and actions that you take, based on what you worm and read our Dating applications and websites 
  •  You cannot use our Dating applications and websites to sell and buy any products or services. Our Dating applications and websites are not intended for trading, so any transactions that you take on yourself are your responsibility. 
  •  You cannot use our Dating applications and websites to violate the law, violate the confidentiality, intellectual property of any person or organization. Our Dating applications and websites are developed and maintained for legitimate use only.

(see also 3.Self-generated content below)

  •  Rules for Accounts 

To use the application, you must create an account that includes the user name (login), the real user name, email and password ("your account"). User while using our apps and websites are prohibited:

  •  Register as a user on behalf of another person («false account») or to register a group (Association) of individuals or legal person as the User, it is possible to register in the name and on behalf of another natural person or legal entity subject to obtaining the necessary authority in the manner and form prescribed by the legislation of you country;
  • Confusing the users with your identity using the username and password of another the registered User;
  • Distort information about yourself, your age or your relations with other persons or organizations;
  • Download, store, publish, distribute, make available or otherwise use any information that contains any of the following:
    • Hateful, threatening, defamatory, insulting, demeaning, dignity, or business reputation, or violates the privacy of other Users or third parties;
    • Violates the rights of minors;
    • Vulgar or obscene, contains foul language, pornographic images and texts or scenes of a sexual nature involving minors;
    • Violence or inhumane treatment of animals;
    • Description of the means and methods of suicide, any instigation to commit;
    • Promotes and / or promote racial, religious, or ethnic hatred or enmity, fascism or the ideology of racial superiority;
    • Hate and extremist materials;
    • Advertising or describes the appeal of narcotic substances, including "digital drugs" (audio files affecting the human brain through binaural beats), information on the distribution of drugs, their recipes and tips on usage;
    • Any fraudulent activity;
  •  Illegally download, store, publish, distribute, and provide access or otherwise use the intellectual property Users and third parties;
  • User is solely responsible for any information posted 
  • In case of disagreement with these Rules or their updates, the User must stop using it.

Obligations of the User:

  • comply with the provisions of the current legislation of your country

 provide accurate, complete and timely data

  •  inform the Customers about unauthorized access to the personal page and / or unauthorized access and / or use of the password and the login of the User;
  • do not place on a personal page of information and objects (including links), which may violate the rights and interests of other persons;
  • before placing the information and objects (including but not limited to images of other persons, strange texts of different contents, audio recordings and videos) to review the legality of their distribution;

Also as a user, you can perform the following actions:

  • block the accounts of other users of violators (spam, insults, pornography, copyright infringement, etc.)
  • tell us about the users-violators (spam, insults, pornography, copyright infringement and other)

3. Self-generated content 

We give users the right to self-generated content, thus:

  • You agree that everything you post does not infringe copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets or any other personal or property rights of any other party.
  • Administration does not bear any responsibility for the content provided by users.
  • Administration has the right to remove user-generated content without warning.
  • Administration moderates all user content and can delete user content if content violates resource rules.
  • You can flag objectionable content so that the administration can take action (delete the content if the content violates the resource rules)
  • Administration will take action against objectionable content reports within 24 hours, removing the content and ejecting user who provided the infringing content